Keep In Touch: A Model of Caring ©

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Celebrate the Family ©

This workshop is designed for parents and caregivers and uses proven techniques to help manage stress in the workplace and at home. Parents and caregivers will learn ways to build their child's self-esteem and how to enhance feelings of self-worth. Participants will receive reference materials and a journal.

Program Content

  1. Challenges facing parents and children in our society today.
  2. What is self-esteem?
  3. How words can hurt and heal.
  4. Tools to build self-esteem.
  5. How to manage stress at work and at home.
  6. Characteristics of children with high and low self-esteem.
  7. Celebrating your child's abilities and successes.
  8. Self-care for parents and caregivers.
  9. Laughter is good medicine!
  10. The importance of hugging and good touch.

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