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The Hug Therapy program teaches the art of administering hugs for the purpose of improving health and well-being. Hugging communicates at the deepest level of emotion. With a hug, we embrace the whole of life. The language of hugs nourishes the spirit. Good touch is needed. Scientific research supports the theory that stimulation by touch is absolutely necessary for our physical health and well-being. Touch is used to relieve pain, depression, and anxiety. Hugging is a very special form of touch that contributes in a major way to healing and health. The many benefits associated with Hug Therapy include safety, security and trust, strength, healing, self-worth, belonging, happiness and appreciation. These benefits, as outlined in Kathleen Keating's book entitled Hug Therapy, are quite essential for people at both ends of the age spectrum. A child who lacks a hug or good touch experience can be slower to walk, talk, and read. IQ development can also be delayed. The program also demonstrates how to hug without touching. Each participant receives useful information about hugging and touching.

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